Save your time and money by using the Main-Books

Anywhere ...

You can reach your office system by all devices which are able to connect to the Internet and able to run a browser. So you can prepare an tender, receipt or keep contact with the partners. Your work is not restricted to your office anymore. As a result you can respond to your business events faster.


Anytime ...

The Main-Books Online Office is available in 24 hours a day by all devices which are connected to the Internet and able to run a browser, it can be a computer, a smart phone or a tablet. The business data of your company can be accessible easily, permanently, localized into one place.


Easy ...

We have planned our office system to make the usage as simply as it can be. The clear-out surface makes sure that the usage is obvious and intuitive. A lot of small tricks help to use our office system quickly and efficiently, about these you can find detailed description in our connected blog.

Simple ...

You do not have to take care of installing, configuring, operating and updating of the system. You can get rid of all the strains which are connected with operating of an office system. You have to use it in a way you be able to experience only the advantages and do not have to pay attention to the statute tracking, system maintenance and development.


Client contact ...

Ensure your client access to your office system by creating user accounts for them. Of course your partners can reach only their own data which you have already given out to them. Thus you can keep contact with your client interactively. You can discuss the published tender, receipt, and beyond that you have the possibility to manage the client supporting notices.

Try the services of the Main-Books free without any obligations for 10 days.

What happens if the trial period is over? Nothing at all! If you think that the program is suitable for you, use the free subscription pack.

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